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Do What You Love

Since the launch of the website and social media accounts I have been BUSY!! Word of mouth is the number one promoter however an online presence makes such a HUGE difference. I truly can't believe this is all happening, so fast, however I am loving every moment. Referrals is the biggest compliment I can receive and so far I have landed a project that came from a referral and it's one that I am very excited about working on :-)

It's funny because I often hear the saying " when you do something you love it, you never work a day again ". I have had quite a few jobs, and am currently working in a career that I LOVE. Yet, I do understand and sometimes still feel that it is work. Editing, however, does not. It comes effortlessly, yet I am constantly thinking of different ways I can put more effort and be better. Master my craft.

I truly am a book geek. A quote on quote nerd, and I'm obsessed with this world of literature. It doesn't feel like work. It feels like I'm simply getting paid to share my gift with the world. Trust me, that is a VERY rewarding feeling. What's most rewarding is I get to help people. I get to help people share their story. Everyday I'm granted the opportunity to take writers art to another level. Perfect it. Fine tune. Smooth it out. Sharpen. Tweeze. Elevate. Edit.

If there is one thing I am learning on this journey, it is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Do what you love. And I mean really DO IT. Do the thing that brings you joy and gets you excited, and has you wanting to tell people and teach people all about it. and if it can make you money (Almost ANYTHING can make you money now btw) even more reason to do it. Do it. MASTER IT. And share your gift with the world.

So what is it that you Love?