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The Birth of Elijah Jean

The title of this post makes it sounds so epic, so life changing. And that is exactly what I wanted because that is what has happened. The start of Elijah Jean Editing has been transforming and may in fact be the most pivotal moment in my life this year. With such a monumental effect, it deserved a great name. So why the name Elijah Jean?

I have been OBSESSED with the name Elijah ever since I could remember. Before I really knew who Elijah the prophet was. For me, the name Elijah has always been a name that represented strength. Fearlessness. Faithfulness. Purpose. Elijah is a powerful name.

Jean, is my fathers name. He was the greatest man alive to me, and one that is irreplaceable. Charming. Loving. Social. Respected. Loyal. My hero. He passed away when I was 11.

Together, the name Elijah Jean summarizes everything I aspire to be. Elijah Jean is my perfection. I always said that I would give my first born this name. What I didn't know was that my first born would come in the form of pen and paper.

I am an avid reader. I read more than I watch anything. I also am a writer. Anything involving pen and paper is where I found my solace. So much so, that I found myself constantly reading, writing and sharpening other people's work. I was the person to call if you needed help on your paper, resume, or blog post. Editing to me was simply "helping out". As life continued, and more and more request for help came I started thinking "hey, maybe I could really do this". But you know, we are our own worst critic so that thought never really manifested. Not until I met this wonderful woman by the name of Heather Butler. (If you need a literary agent, she is the one!) I mentioned this thought of becoming an editor to Heather, and she ran with it, making sure to drop kick some sense into me on the way. She wanted it to happen for me. What I had to come to realize was I wanted it to happen for me. Heather not only challenged me to pursue this passion, but she also challenged me to step out on faith. I have not looked back since.

Elijah Jean is what my fear tried to cripple me from doing, but what my spirit ached for me to go after. My first born was finally here. This has been the most exciting time for me, because I have absolutely no idea where I am heading. All I know is I LOVE what I'm doing, and I'm pretty damn good at it. Lol. I think, dream and live Elijah Jean, and constantly working to master my craft while surrounding myself with greatness.

Don't let fear stop you, or doubt mislead you. What you need to do is waiting for you. You just have to have faith, and decide what it is you want. Make that damn decision and don't look back. The worst that can happen, is you learn a lesson from something that didn't work out. The best that can happen - is limitless.

Have faith. Make a decision. WRITE IT DOWN. And if you need a drop kick like I did, let me know. I got you! lol. Whatever it is, listen to that nudge that keeps you going. Birth your first born. Go after it and let's take this journey together.

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