Would you like a second set of eyes for your manuscript? Our proofreading services are perfect for your needs! This service is offered to authors who are in their last step of the manuscript preparation process.


Service includes:

 - Correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement

 - Aesthetic issues such as the end of line hyphens or word broken in half at end of column or page

- Professional comments and feedback provided 

Cost: $3/page (1 page=250 words)

Copy Editing/Line Editing

As an author, you put your heart and soul into your story; now it’s time to perfect it! Copy editing is more than checking for cosmetic errors; it is about improving style, flow, formatting and accuracy. Line by line we check to see if it makes sense, if your word choice is appropriate and if the characters are believable. But most importantly we keep your writing in your style. Authenticity is key!


Service includes:

- Correction of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement

- Reorganizing sentences and inserting appropriate transitions

- Assess word phrasing and alter word choice appropriate to the context

- Call out a lapse in logic or sequential slip-ups

- Check for continuity, sentence structure, and paragraph lengths

- Rewriting of sentences, when necessary staying true to the author's style

- Professional comments and feedback provided 

Cost: Starting at $6/page (1 page=250 words)

Developmental Editing

With this service, we are committed to working very closely with you to bring your story to life. This level of editing is the most comprehensive review service offered. You will receive feedback on plot structure, character development, theme, and pacing. We examine the overall structure of your story and advise how to best rework your project to make it clear, coherent writing.


Service includes:  

- Sentence polishing and rewording

- Check for discrepancies in plot, character, or dialogue

- Check for proper theme development

- Check for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies

- Address instances where material strays from the storyline

- Suggest story-line rearrangement if necessary

- Check for redundancies from repeating the same information in different ways

- Provide alternatives for overused words

- Correct scenes that are unclear or don’t read well due to unnatural phrasing or bland language

- Professional comments and feedback provided

Please email for a quote. 

Formatting for Kindle Direct Publishing

Edits are complete. Last-minute typos are finally eliminated. Your manuscript is pristine and ready for publishing. Except you have one issue--you have no idea how to format for your publishing platform. Not to worry. Our formatting services are just what you need! Have each page of your manuscript formatted correctly for your platform, whether it is Kindle Direct Publishing or Ingram Spark. Whatever your choice, book with us and have it look flawless for print to create an enjoyable reading experience.


No images, Print only: $100

No images, Print, and E-book: $150

Images, Print only: Starting at $200

Images, Print and E-book, Starting at $250

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