Silvie D.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Before I am an editor, I am a reader. I love literature and everything related. Nothing is more exciting than starting a new book. I love the feeling of getting lost in the pages as I anxiously read and flip through, both fiction and non-fiction alike. If you ever need a book recommendation, call me.

The art of literature is so intricate and very powerful. Which is why I value writing. To me, writing is more than story telling. It is the master key to unlocking a world that can only be accessed through creativity, experience and risk taking. Writing is not for the faint of heart; so, it is important to have an editor that is willing to unlock that world with you.

As your editor, my goal is to take your story to another level. I do so by looking through your manuscript very meticulously. I am honest with my feedback and accurate with my editing--two key factors that will prepare your manuscript for publication. Line by line I read through to assure that your best voice is being represented. Nothing is more important to me than keeping your writing in your unique style. Authenticity is key!


Omega Jones


Omega Jon

As a child growing up in foster care, reading was an escape mechanism. I would check out 3-4 books at a time to take trips to other states, countries, and even galaxies. I fell in love with reading, I was obsessed about it. It became my refuge. No matter what problem I was facing, there was a book with an answer.

This passion of mines blossomed as I got older; so I decided to share my love of literature and become a teacher. To me, nothing in the world is more powerful than literature. Your words have the power to enlighten, to show people communities they would never have the opportunity to visit on their own, to share wisdom through experience, to uplift even the most broken of spirits, and so much more. I wanted to show this to students, and I’ve spent close to a decade doing just that.

As an editor, I want to assist you in crafting the best version of your story. I want to allow your story to shine its light on the world, even beyond your imagination. I will pay thorough attention to your manuscript and provide thoughtful and honest feedback without modifying your unique voice. I am utterly devoted to assisting you with highly detailed and personal editing because your story matters to someone.